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Ladakh Camp - An Exquisite Himalayan and Wildlife Experience


Snow Leopard Tour Ladakh

Guide: Ganesh
Group: Zoothera’s Group
Destination – Rumbak
Date: 20 February 2016 to March 2nd, 2016

Mammals List

  • Snow Leopard
  • Bharal (Blue Sheep)
  • Ladakh urial
  • Red fox
  • Mountain weasel
  • Lynx
  • Few different kinds of Pika


  • Bearded vulture
  • Streaked Rosefinch
  • Red-billed chough
  • Greater Rosefinch
  • Alpine chough
  • Eurasian Magpie
  • Golden Eagle
  • Solitary snipe
  • Chukar partridge
  • Himalayan Snowcock
  • Brown Accentor
  • Robin accentor
  • White-browed tit warbler
  • Tibetan Partridge
  • Upland Buzzard
  • Winter wren
  • Himalayan Vulture
  • Red-fronted Serin

North India Birding Tour Guide Ganesh

Destination – Sat Tal Pangot Corbett
Date 30 November -9 December 2016
Group – Cindy Backman 12 Pax

Mammals List

Tiger, Wild Elephant, Sloth Bear, Yellow-throated Martin, Ghoral (mountain goat)

Bird List

Black Francolin, Fulvuas breathed woodpecker, Blue cap rock thrush, Blue Cap Red Star, Blue Fronted Red Star, Greater Yellow Nape, Lesser Yellow Nape, Mountain Scop owl, Collar owlet, Lemon-rumped warbler, Grey Hooded Warbler, Whistler warbler, Spotted forktail, Slaty back forktail, Little forktail, Asian Barred owl, Tony fish owl, Brown Fish Oil, Wallcreeper, Ibis Bill, Crested Kingfisher, Cheer Pheasant, Koklas Pheasant, Khalij Pheasant, Hill Partridge, Altay accentor, Bearded Vulture, Himalayan Vulture, Mountain Hawk-eagle, Himalayan Buzzard, Changeable Hawk Eagle, Hen harrier, Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, Brown Fronted Woodpecker, Himalayan Woodpecker, Pink browed Rose Finch, Dark-breasted rosefinch, Common Rose Finch, Mountain Bulbul, Ashy Bulbul, Great Tree Pie, Red-billed blue magpie, Common Green Magpie, Grey Cap pygmy woodpecker, Brown cap pygmy woodpecker, Greater flam back, Himalayan flashback, Black-rumped flashback, Streaked throated woodpecker, Grey-headed woodpecker, Long-tailed minivet, Scarlet Minivet, Bronzed drongo, Ashy Drongo, Orange-bellied leafbird, Golden-fronted leaf bird, Grey-backed shrike, Maroon oriele, Black neck monarch, Yellow-bellied fantail, Eurasian jay, Black-headed jay, Black lowered tit, Black Eagle, Grey Tit, Coal tit, Yellow-browed tit, Great Hornbill, Oriental pied hornbill, Indian Grey Hornbill, Black-throated tit, Plain Martin, Eurasian crag martin, Crested lark, Ashy-throated Warbler, Striated Prinia, Aberrant bush warbler, Chestnut-crowned bush warbler, Buff-barred Warbler, Greenish Warbler, Black face warbler, Lesser white throat, Puff-throated warbler, Scaly-breasted wren babbler, Russet Sparrow, Fire-breasted flower picker, White-rumped Shama, Bar-tailed tree creeper, Yellow-eyed babbler, Chestnut belied nuthatch, Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, White-tailed nuthatch, Green shrike babbler, White Browed shrike babbler, White-collared black bird, Grey-winged black bird, Chestnut thrush, Mistle thrush, Dark-throated thrush, Himalayan blue tail, Chestnut-bellied rock thrush, Dark-sided flycatcher, Rufous gorgeted flycatcher, Red-breasted flycatcher, Ultramarine flycatcher, Slaty-blue flycatcher, Verditer Flycatcher, Grey-headed Canary flycatcher, Green-tailed Sunbird, Black-throated Sunbird, Crimson Sunbird, Firetail sunbird, Paddy filed pipit, Tree pipit, Olive-backed pipit, Pin-tailed green pigeon, Yellow-breasted greenfinch, Whitecap bunting, Rock bunting, Crested bunting.


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